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Ecommerce Consulting

Ecommerce consulting and coaching with personalised follow-up by videoconference. We assist you in all stages of your ecommerce projects. Creation, management, growth. Please fill in this form to be accompanied in your Ecommerce project.

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Legal Services

Traditional legal services by a lawyer. Company formation, drafting of legal documents, advice in litigation. Tax advice, advice in relation to cryptocurrencies. Representation before Swiss Courts and authorities. Please complete this form if you require traditional legal services.

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Ecommerce Consulting Legal Services
If you don’t know where to start in Ecommerce or if you already have a running ecommerce business, but you are encountering some barriers to grow. Generally to solve a specific problem that requires technical legal knowledge or legal representation. Not necessarily related to e-commerce.
Support and coaching for your Ecommerce business in the form of video calls with a step-by-step plan. Legal advice, mainly in written form.
Supplies of standard models of legal documents. Drafting of personalised documents to suit your needs.
To solve any obstacle related to your e-commerce business whether it is of a commercial, strategic, legal or fiscal nature. In case of necessity to be represented before courts, authorities or third parties.
We give you the tools and support you in solving your problems. We solve problems for you.
Value-for-money package. Consultation at lawyer’s hourly rate.
Implementation of our 5-step method to make your first online sales. Personalised legal advice.